The Benefits of Having Two Sets of Sheets

The Benefits of Having Two Sets of Sheets

27 September 2023

When it comes to a good night's sleep, having the right bedding is key. One often overlooked but smart choice is having two sets of sheets. Let's dive into why this simple strategy can make a big difference in your sleep quality.


Nothing feels better than getting into a freshly made bed. Having two sets of sheets allows you to swap them out regularly. This helps keep your bed clean and fresh, as sweat, oils, and allergens can build up over time. With a spare set on hand, you can easily maintain a healthier sleep environment.


Life can get busy, and waiting for laundry day isn't always practical. A second set of sheets means you always have a backup while one is being washed. No more scrambling for clean sheets at the last minute.


Constant washing can wear out sheets over time. By rotating between two sets, you reduce the frequency of washing, helping your sheets last longer and maintain their softness.


Different seasons call for different bedding. With two sets of sheets, you can switch between lightweight options for summer and cozier ones for winter, ensuring comfort year-round.

Quick Bedroom Refresh

Changing sheets is one of the easiest ways to refresh your bedroom's look. Having two sets gives you the freedom to switch up colors and patterns without a complete overhaul.


Two sets of sheets might seem like a small thing, but they can have a big impact on your sleep experience. A bed isn’t fully made until you have washed your duvet cover - and no one wants to sleep under a bare duvet insert while the cover dries... In fact, we created our Pippen House Signature Duvet Bundle for that reason! The bundle comes with our signature duvet insert + 2 duvet cover sets of your choice - AND you save 10% when you bundle! Saves you time and money - what could be better!