Diaper Diaries: Nesting or Just Napping? The Chronicles of a Three-Week-Early Labor

Diaper Diaries: Nesting or Just Napping? The Chronicles of a Three-Week-Early Labor

29 January 2024

Today, I'm here to share a bit about my unexpected early entry into motherhood and the epic transformation of my home sweet home into a baby haven by none other than my life-saving sister, Kate.  We often say we can't make decisions or progress without each other... and that was definitely true in this instance.

I went into labor three weeks early with my first, Penelope. Did I have a hospital bag packed - NO!  I was too busy thinking I was "nesting" while working and teaching Hilliard Studio Method.

Kate took one look at my so-called nesting efforts and hilariously asked, "Which house are you nesting in, because it absolutely wasn't this one?" It was too hard for me to nest with Kate in Chicago so I think I was just aimlessly moving things around the house... Not nesting.

Kate wasn't about to let me bring a baby into a home that was absolutely not ready for a new baby. With Kate's usual determination, she rolled up her sleeves, hit up the Container Store, and got to work on the ultimate baby-ready home makeover.

The showstopper or pièce de résistance of Kate's makeover – the Diaper Changing Station! Kate and I were on the same page - we had not seen a diaper changing table we liked, so she opted for something much more innovative. She decided to use a section of my built-ins and repurpose drawers from the Container Store – because if you're going to store diapers, might as well do it in rolling, partitioned, polished, and most importantly hidden set drawers.

Kate purchased new baskets, bins, and labels to bring order to the chaos that was my pre-baby existence. And there it was, nestled snugly in my built-ins – a diaper changing station that would make any new mom happy cry.

The labels on the bins ranged from diapers to onesies and I couldn't have asked for a better gift.

So there you have it, my premature "nesting," followed by my sister's rescue mission, and the birth of the Diaper Changing Station of Dreams. Because who needs a nesting house when you can have a perfectly organized, label-loving sister to whip your home into shape? Thanks, Kate, for giving me the ultimate diaper-changing battle station!