Bright fun toddler bedroom with white bedding. Photos by Christina Hussey and design by Alexis Warren.

Proof That Our Children Can Have Nice Things

14 June 2023

Our co-founder Maddy hired Charlotte, NC interior designer Alexis Warren to design a "big girl" room for her 2 year old daughter, Penelope. At the time, Maddy was pregnant with baby number two, so she and her husband decided to convert a room above their garage into a new big girl bedroom for their oldest. They wanted the bedroom to be fun and youthful, but mature enough to grow into. 

The space has a sloped ceiling that could potentially make the room appear smaller, but Alexis took on the challenge and designed a corniced headboard custom built for the slope. She selected a Materialworks fabric for the bedskirt and drapery and upholstered the corniced headboard in Thibaut fabric. Alexis added pops of orange and yellow to bring in a bit of youthful fun. With accessories collected from vintage shops, Anthropologie, and Cotswold Marketplace, the space came together as a sweet and sophisticated space for a particularly precocious toddler. 

At Pippen House, we understand all the adventures a kid's bed can face, but with our signature duvet system, you no longer need to fear having white bedding in your child's room – it's easy to keep clean and fresh! Our cover and insert are 60 seconds away from the washing machine- as Penelope would say, "Easy peasy!"